Super 7

Named after the 'Super7 crystal' also known as the 'Melody's Stone'. It is believed that the Super7 provides an access corridor to the subconscious mind and awaken the soul to its divine magnificence...

Super fat sounding classic rock amplifier

Based on the acclaimed Kool & Elfring 'Black Rose' amplifier, the Super7 is the ultimate blend of SLO American overdrive and vintage Plexi tone in a convenient 50 watt powered small box. The Super7 shares the brutal force and endless sustain with the iconic American but with better dynamic response and less compression.

If you like to rock harder, this tone soaked monster is definitely your weapon of choice!

18 Watt: EUR 1.399,-
50 Watt: EUR 1.549,-


Mode 1 : Classic Lead 
The classic lead mode is three-dimensional and open sounding with super tight bass response and very pronounced mids. The gainsettings starts at very warm clean sounds. Compared to the 60's plexi amps, the higher gain settings sound more beefed up and fat with very musical smooth highs. This mode is very usefull for open chords and classic solo work. 

The latest version of the Super7 has an extra toggle switch next to the gain controll. This switch enables you to choose between two voicings in mode 1: 
- Voicing 1 (toggle up) is more clean with tighter bass response 
- voicing 2 (toggle down) is hotter with fatter bass response 

Mode 2: Overdrive 
Mode 2 is based on channel 2 of our acclaimed BLACK ROSE amplifier. Before nine o’clock you’ll find some incredibly cool crunchy 60s sounds. Turning up the gain knob a little further the sound will effortlessly change into an amazing compressed 80’s style crunch. When you turn beyond two o’clock you’ll be entering ‘overdrive territory’. The overdrive sounds are harmonically rich, full and fat, yet tasteful, organical, smooth and musical. The sound of mode 2 is characterized by natural compression, super tight bass (no mud!), even harmonics and unparalleled sustain. Whatever gain setting you'll choose, it will always give a killer sound that cuts through the mix with ease. 

In addition, both modes respond excellent to the volume-pot of your guitar. The two modes are balanced in both tone and volume. Switching between them with the footswitch always makes perfect sense no matter what gainsetting you'll choose. 

SVC -Seamless Volume Control- Tube amp volume under control...
The Super7 has gain and master volume controls to control gain, volume and the overal feel of the amp. In the SVC power section you’ll find an extra ‘total’ volume control. It enables the amp to produce 0,1 Watt bedroom levels yet retaining great tone. That is without thinning up the tone nor destroying the sustain. From now on the power-soak is a thing of the past!

Main Features:

  • 1 channel with 2 modes: 'Classic Lead' and 'Overdrive'
  • SVC - Seamless Volume Control: from 0,1 watt 'bed room' levels to 50 watt 'Rock Arena' levels (no tone loss at lower volumes, no need for power-soak)
  • Ultra wide gain range control for ultimate gain versatility
  • True bypass effects loop
  • SVC volume boost (mode 1 and mode 2)
  • 3 button footswitch (mode 1/mode 2, effects loop-on/true_bypass, SoloBoost on/off)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm

Specification Super7 - 18 Watt:

  • Output: 18 Watts R.M.S.
  • 7 tubes : 2x6V6 power tubes / 5xpre-amp tubes: 4x12AX7 + 1x12AU7(effects loop)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm
  • Weight: approx. 16 kg
  • Handsoldered printed circuit board in the Netherlands by Kool & Elfring

Specification Super7 - 50 Watt:

  • Output: 50 Watts R.M.S.
  • 7 tubes : 2xEL34 power tubes / 5xpre-amp tubes: 4x12AX7 + 1x12AU7(effects loop)
  • Outputs 4, 8, 16 Ohm or 2x16, 2x8 Ohm
  • Weight: approx. 16 kg
  • Handsoldered printed circuit board in the Netherlands by Kool & Elfring

Finish & Construction:

  • Handmade A to Z bij Kool & Elfring
  • dimensions: H=25 cm W=50 cm D=25 cm
  • 13 ply lightplex
  • Finger joint corner construction
  • Assymmetrical handle for perfect balance
  • High quality vinyl covering
  • Nickel plated corners
  • Tolex: 'Black Rose'

Super 7 manuals