About us

Kool Amplification is Holland’s foremost guitar amp company, located 35 km north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Amp-designer and guitarist Aryjan Kool has been tweaking amplifiers and electric guitars since the early nineties. His passion for the electric guitar and tube amps resulted in the establishment of Kool Amplification in 2007. Ever since its foundation, the company’s reputation has been growing rapidly. Kool amplifiers and cabinets have been part of numerous recordings and live rigs of Holland’s biggest acts. Over the last few years steadily guitarists all over the world have been discovering these hidden jewels from Europe’s lowlands… 

Among many other things like windmills, clogs and ‘total football’, the Netherlands are also very well known for cradling guitar virtuosos such as Edward van Halen, Jan Akkerman and Adrian Vandenberg. Art, design and technology are at the heart of the Dutch identity and expressed through the world famous ‘Dutch Design’ philosophy. Here at Kool Amplification we are proud to be part of that history and honour these great traditions and heritage through the design and manufacturing of our amplifiers and cabinets. The principle of blending beauty and functionality to perfection is always at heart of all of our designs. 

Every Kool Amplification product is proudly handmade from A to Z in our own custom shop, right here in the Netherlands. The equation of Dutch Design, state-of-the-art technology, oldworld-craftsmanship and the use of the best components and the finest materials available, result in a unique blend of awesome tone, feel and functionality.